Launched in 2010 with a range of t-shirts which won the Who’s Next contest, Still Good fashion brand created by Clément Taverniti, matures and provides for the spring-summer 2012 a collection from Cardigan to pants, including as well shoes thanks to a collaboration with Spring Court.
The mens fashion designer and Still Good creator Clément Taverniti, grew up in a fashion world. During the 80’s, Clément saw his father’s internatio- nal brand becoming successfull, thanks to the development of a revolu- tionary process of dying.
Clément’s sensitivity for fashion becomes a passion. He’s getting a fashion knowledge thanks to meetings, specialized magazines and blogs.
Parallel to his studies in fashion marketing, which he followed at the ESMOD / ISEM Paris, Clément worked for Alexander Guarneri Homecore creator. Alongside him, he developed a sensitivity and a taste for fashion and casual creative.
At that time, the idea of creating his own collections began to grow. Then, he kept on learning by working for Dries Van Noten, Ralph Lauren and Kitsune.
Technically ready and still animated by the desire to launch a clothing line, Clément started creating his own brand.